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meet, tati.

I'm not your typical "smile and look at me" photographer. Your big day isn't a photoshoot. It is my intention to create a visual fairytale of your day.

I want to capture the real moments: the deep belly laughs, the ugly crying, the "look" you give your lover (you know the one) that speaks a trillion words ::: Our bond will start looooong before you get married so that when we work together, you both will be comfortable being your absolute authentic selves, which allows me to capture the raw and intimate love shared between you and your person.


All of this is so important to me, your love is important to me, your wedding - it's important to me. I don't want to be remembered as another vendor that showed up on your wedding day. I will be your pal and give phenomenal hugs and you can ugly cry in front of me and it'll all be good. We might even cry together.

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Quirks & Perks


Hiiiii! My name is Tatiana, but call me Tati! I am into making memories... the REAL ones! The ones that pull at your heart strings, the ones that make you feel something. I am currently in the DC/MD/VA area & I consider it a real opportunity to travel & meet different people throughout my job. Outside of the office, my time is spent intentionally with family & friends, going to the gym, looking at a million of houses online because I love real estate... or looking for some new adventures to do with my family + doggo! Most of the time I have to drag myself away from my computer. I enjoy my morning cup of coffee (or 4, oops!) I'm pretty laid back. My temperament is genuinely mellow. I am also friendly, loving, honest, goofy, smart, chatty, charismatic and kind…. If I wasn't a photographer, I'd be an interior decorator. Or a real estate agent. 

Oh and I'm a Scorpio, if you hadn't already guessed.

Truth be Told

And last, but definitely not least - I'm not the photographer for everyone! And that's a good thing. I'm straight forward kinda gal. I'm super honest and transparent, open and candid. It is important to me that we have each others back. My advice to you is to find a photographer whose work you LOVE and whose personality you vibe with, after all, we are with you your whooooole day.

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